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The Scarlet Letters ( Ratings Defined)

Posted by Mistress on August 10, 2008


Utter perfection, I wanna have its babies. Can’t find fault with it nor can I come down from the bookgasmic high it induced. This is a not a test. Buy, read, and pimp this book to others as long as there’s breath left in your body.


Clutching the book to my chest now as I bask in the afterglow. Exceptional…brilliant, even. I strongly recommend. You can thank me later.


Is everything I hoped it would be and not a pinch more. Better than average, it hit the spot like a tall drink on a hot summer’s day. While it didn’t quite dazzle me with unique or transcendent content, in no way is it a stale retelling.


Was a fun ride but nothing that screamed, “Same time, same place tomorrow.” Has all the right elements but lacks a little somethin’ somethin’ to rise above the pack. Enjoyable filler that is great for when you’re in between dynamic reads.


Liked the premise of this book but aspects of its execution were WEAK. Enjoyed it enough to continue riding the series/author out at my own leisurely pace. Beyond the hype, this book is fine for a fluffy, generic read and has more of a library rental/swap quality rather than a keeper for my personal bookshelf.


This book is decent but unfortunately I found parts of it annoying, boring, disturbing, and clichéd. Didn’t float my boat but hey, maybe it just wasn’t for me. So I’ll leave you to make your own judgment call. Proceed with caution, though: I came, I saw, I read and was not amused.


Barely readable. Only discipline and willpower kept me from shaving my head and running naked for the hills. Great litmus test for my bad ass reader super powers.


The line is drawn here…Proceed No Further! I’m not willing to finish reading this book for love or money. The only thing saving it from an F grade is the implausible possibility of it getting less yuck if I were to read on.


Epic Fail! I struggle to recover from exposure to this toxic tome. Should be read only for comic relief, examples of how not to write, and proof that anything is possible if this can be published . Danger! Danger! Some things you can’t un-read.


Still dazed, trying to process what just happened to me. This book was so full of wtf-ery, who in the what now, you’ve got to be kidding me, that I’m no longer sure where I am or what the year is. Only that I feel used and have the inescapable urge to cry in the shower. How do you review that which makes no semblance of sense?


3 Responses to “The Scarlet Letters ( Ratings Defined)”

  1. Anonymous said

    I really like the way you ladies have personalized your ratings. I noticed you guys didn’t have them for the longest. Guess you guys were trying to get it right. Many times review blogs use: – Letter grades, but don’t bother to define how they qualify.– An in depth rating system but only use the good ones. Because they’re too friendly with authors/too busy ARC whoring to give a unbiased review when a book sucks. Won’t name names– A overly complicated yet artsy system that is neither beast nor fowl. I mean c’mon “8 1/2 chili peppers” wtf? or ” 4 out of 5 thongs” sorry but that’s just nasty = /I’m a religious lurker and leaving comments isn’t my nature. But I just had to say, I think you 3 are the best fucking thing since sliced bread. Definitely one of the rising book blog stars to watch.

  2. Mistress said

    Wow Thank you, Anon. We’re beyond flattered. We’ll do out best to stay on your good side, and feel free to check us should we veer into dangerous ARc whoring or too “Nice” territory. lol

  3. Wanderer said

    Thanks for the kind words A, you’ve made this Scarlet girl’s day!

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